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How can we help you?

What is the best way to get in contact with a company?

When you get in contact over the Tiny Living Alliance we will help you during the whole process. If something goes wrong we can give you support. There are two ways to get in contact with a company over us:

1. If you already found a company that has the Trust Badge on their website, please click on it.
2. If you don’t see our Trust Badge on the company website, go to our front page and fill out the form under Check Before Select.

Can I trust a company that doesn’t have a Trust Badge?

It is always better to check a company before you buy something online. Every time you find a company you have the opportunity to check it over the Tiny Living Alliance. Get in contact with the company over the Alliance to make sure you have the benefit of our support.

Where can I get support and advice?

The Tiny Living Alliance provides support to every customer of a company that belongs to the tiny living industry. Just get in contact with us. We are happy to hear from you!

Where can I check a company?

The best way to lookup if a company is trustful, transparent and secure, is to use our contact form under Check Before Select or on our front page.

Where can I report an abuse of the Trust Badge?

We are really pleased that you want to help us. Therefore, we will come back to you with a small gift if you found and report an abuse under Report abuse.

Where can I go with a complaint about a company?

If you have a complaint about the way you’ve been treaten by a company, you can fill out our form, and we can help you. Please feel free to send us a complaint under submit a complaint.

Why is my company on the warning list?

The Tiny Living Alliance puts companies on the current warning list when we have got complaints about this company, or they use the Trust Badge without being a valid member of the Tiny Living Alliance. When you feel you have been listed unfairly, please use the contact form and get in contact with us.

How can I apply for the B2B cooperation network

The easiest way to cooperate with our members is to sign the Membership Application Form it is free of charge. This step is important, because we want to protect our members for annoying and unnecessary inquiries.

How I can implement the Trust Badge?

The service of the Trust Badge has to be implemented on your company website, so that the customers can use our service Check Before Select. An introduction of how to implement the Trust Badge can be found here: Implement the Trust Badge

Can I use the logo of the Tiny Living Alliance

Terms of use promotion material
1. The use of promotion material for any purpose is permitted only with prior authorization from the Tiny Living Alliance (applications should be e-mailed to ).
2. The user is prohibited to modify promotion material.
3. Promotion material may only be used to introduce the Tiny Living Alliance and when the main purpose of use is aimed at potential or existing customers or guests.
4. It’s prohibited to use promotion material on souvenirs.
5. It is prohibited to use promotion material in a manner and context which:
5.1 is unrelated to the Tiny Living Alliance;
5.2 violates the Tiny Living Alliance or international legislation;
5.3 is inappropriate, malicious, amoral, defamatory, racist, violent, offensive, harassing or otherwise in conflict with public order, good morals or general good taste;
5.4 damages or may damage the concept and integrity of Tiny Living Alliance;
5.5 disparages the Tiny Living Alliance and their members.

What are the fees of the membership?

Being a member of the Tiny Living Alliance is free of charge. Because we want to make our world more trustworthy and transparent. It’s easy and quick to apply for a membership via the Membership Application Form

What is the difference between a donation and sponsorship?

A donation is free of any consideration and supports a charitable purpose in full.
All donations for which a quid pro quo is desired – such as the printing of a company logo or the presentation of a report on the website with a link – are considered sponsoring. Instead of a donation receipt, a voucher is issued for sponsoring. Sponsorship is particularly interesting for companies because they can deduct the sponsored amount as operating costs for tax purposes without a maximum limit.

What are the advantages of sponsorship for a company?

Sponsorship expenses are generally deductible by the sponsor as business expenses without limitation, whereas the donation is only deductible for tax purposes within certain maximum limits.
In order to deduct sponsorship as a business expense, the sponsorship only has to be “business-related”. It is sufficient for the sponsoring company to expect economic benefits, for example through advertising or a positive image transfer.

What impact does sponsorship have on the tax burden?

If you sponsor 10,000 euros to the Tiny Living Alliance, you will save tax of 2,550 euros on a profit of 100,000 euros. The benefits you receive from sponsoring therefore only cost you 7,450 euros instead of 10,000 euros.

How we determine the trustworthiness of a Tiny House company?

We as a foundation in the field of Tiny Living have set ourselves the goal to distinguish Tiny House companies together with our independent partners from non-ambitious companies, as we believe that every trustworthy and transparent company in the field of Tiny Living should have the opportunity to show its honest intentions to potential customers. We achieve this with our trust marks on the company presences. Every customer and Tiny House company can use the service of the Tiny Living Alliance. This means that we not only protect Tiny House builders against dubious customers, but also customers, through our buyer protection. Furthermore, we give customers and builders the opportunity to contact us in the event of an ambiguity through the trust mark on the websites, in order to find an agreement between the Tiny House companies and the customers with our help. Through this and other services, we give Tiny House companies and customers confidence and security.