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Not every company, that looks great on a website, has good products and service. Companies that can’t be trusted or have a bad customer service can often hardly be distinguished from companies that deliver what you’ve asked for. We would like to know why you are not satisfied with the company that helped you so that we can set up a meeting and give you the opportunity to solve the problem together, and avoid more problems with this company in the future.


Fill out the complaint form

Fill out the complaint form on the Tiny Living Alliance website. Within 14 days a contact person from the Tiny Living Alliance will get in contact with you.


Contact with the company

After getting in contact with you the Tiny Living Alliance gives the company the opportunity to solve the problem.


Online meeting

The Tiny Living Alliance sets up an online meeting with you and the company where you can talk about options to solve the complaint.

Please be aware that the Tiny Living Alliance does not explicitly engage in mediation. We bring buyers and sellers together so they can find a solution together. The Tiny Living Alliance cannot be held responsible for possible outcomes.

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Complaint about a company?

If you have a complaint about the way you have been treaten by a company, you can fill out this form, and we can help you.