Trust Badge

The symbol for trustworthy and transparent companies

What does the badge stand for?

Trust and transparency

When you select a company for your new Tiny House, you need to know if you can trust them. The companies with the Tiny Living Alliance Trust Badge have been checked and follow the Tiny Living Alliance criteria. We are in close contact with them and can help you with questions, problems or even language barriers. The Tiny Living Alliance Trust Badge stands for trust, transparent and security. Our Tiny Living Alliance Trust Badge is always clickable and shows you the actual status of the company.

The Tiny Living Alliance Trust Badge can be found on the website of every trustworthy and transparent company of the tiny living industry. The Trust Badge is visible on the right site of the company page. On a mobile phone you can see it on the left side, and it shows when you open the website of the company and when you scroll down. Our Trust Badge is always clickable and will show you the actual status of this company. Just Check before Select!

Trust badge Tiny Living Alliance Check before select
Complaint about a COMPANY?

We are here to help you in any case of conflict with a company. Your complaint is important, therefore we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to submit it to us.

Report abuse of a Trust badge

Have you seen a company with using the Tiny Living Alliance name incorrectly or when they’re not a trustful company? For example, when you find a Trust Badge that you can’t check (click on) or if you come across an invalid membership certificate.

CHECK Company AND Certificate

Check Before Select

Do you want to know if a Tiny House company is trustworthy and transparent or the certificate is valid? Just fill out the form below, and we will check the status, and send you information. In case we can’t find the company or certificate in our system, we will get in contact with them. Because we want to be sure you’re dealing with a trustworthy and transparent Tiny House company!