Tiny House Little Nature offers a surprising amount of space. The high glass front makes the house both light and spacious. Whether you have the house placed in the garden, forest, meadow or near your home, its organic shape and materials make it fit into any environment. Ideal as a guest house or informal care home but also as office space.
Furthermore, Tiny House Little Nature fully complies with the Dutch Building Decree and BENG standards, which facilitates the permit application. We can take care of the permit application for you if required.
The features of the Little Nature show model are

  • All timber construction (FSC)
  • Ecological Gutex insulation
  • Vapour-permeable wall construction
  • Hardwood window frames (FSC)
  • Footprint 35m²
  • Living area of 28m²
  • Complies with the Buildings Decree and BENG standards
  • Suitable for off-grid applications
At the Tiny House Store, it is also possible to choose different options so that we can make the house meet your needs. Please contact us or come to the open days in Almere to view our Little Nature. Check out our website.

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