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About Caravilla Tiny House

Welcome to Caravilla! We present Caravilla to the service of all nature lovers with the House On The Wheel Concept, which is the freest and stylish form of a tree that touches lives.
Caravilla was born in the professional hands of the Mert Ahsap Insaat Gid. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. company which has been founded in 1997 and continues its activities as a third-generation wooden product manufacturer in Istanbul, Turkey.
We create special designs according to the budget and needs of our customers in our 1400m2 Design and Manufacturing Workshop to create a unique experience with our talented team.
Our wheeled houses, whose technical and static calculations are meticulously made, are also in compliance with the traffic standards, to give you an opportunity to freely move your home to different parts of the world at any time.
If you need a specific tiny house according to your countries regulations, we can prepare the project and manufacture it for you.
Also, we are open to discuss for manufacturing partnerships and mass production projects.

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