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About Brette Haus

Brette Haus: unfold and move in. Now you can bring your home with you to any place. As if it were a suitcase. Latvian startup Brette Haus launched in 2019. The mission is to create accessible, truly portable homes that unfold the freedom of movement while seamlessly blending in with the environment. Brette Haus is a group of like-minded people – we seek and unite people similar perception of the world in one strong team. They managed to reduce a prefab house to the size of a crane truck container, which makes it easy to transport and relocate whenever you want. You just need two people to set it and only three hours to install it.
Unique technology
Brette Haus patented hinge system allows to triple the surface of the house and grants up to 100 foldings. The company gives a 24-month-warranty for the mechanism. The structure doesn't require a permanent foundation. You can use simple bricks or more sustainable screw piles.
Respect for nature
The so-called foldable houses offer an eco-friendly construction concept. They are made of CLT panels which means natural ventilation, and optimal temperature balance. Their production is sustainable due to low CO2 emission, water consumption, and waste generation. All the materials are recyclable.
Cosy inside and out
The cabins are equipped with all the basic facilities: electricity, toilet, sink, shower and kitchen worktop. In case of frequent relocations or unfolding on a wild spot, you can always take advantage of a sola

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09-09-2021 | Brette Haus (Latvia)

Our right man in Germany 🇩🇪When we were planning...

Our right man in Germany 🇩🇪

When we were planning our expansion in Germany, a country of high-quality standards and reliable men, it turned out to be quite a task to find a passionate partner with a vision.

Unless we met Thorsten Janßen. While others were talking about numerous obstacles, his reaction was ‘with lots of blood and sweat it can be done’💪🏻 His dedication and impetus impressed us not less than his CV.

The job experience of this family man (father to four children) is exciting and extends up to South-West Africa. Here are his accomplishments:

✅ Wood and building materials merchant
✅ Huge experience in prefab construction market
✅ Stadtwerke North technical manager
✅ Employees in refugee aid
✅ Job coach for young employees and trainees

And we are proud to announce that Thorsten is also an ambassador and consultant at Brette Haus now!

You are more than welcome to contact him for collaboration in German-speaking countries:

Thorsten Janßen
Norden (Ostfriesland)
+49 162 79605 10

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02-09-2021 | Brette Haus (Latvia)

Perfect Match🪟🏠 One of our company core values...

Perfect Match🪟🏠 One of our company core values is high quality in every inch. And it couldn't be possible without collaboration with our Estonian partner Viking Window AS (a joint venture with a Danish manufacturer Rationel Vinduer). Wooden windows are perfect for insulation. They are super durable, safe and just beautiful. They are eco-friendly and make you feel even closer to nature and traditional architecture. We are very proud to create our products together with Viking Window AS. They provide Brette Haus pop-up cabins with bespoke windows made of wood. Same as ours, their production is near-zero energy and corresponds to the highest EU certifications. Besides, they have: 💡outward opening 💡Nordic design 💡wide range of colours 💡and are weatherproof Do you agree that wooden windows have character and charm, unlike their plastic copies? Do you usually pay special attention to the windows while choosing a house?

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26-08-2021 | Brette Haus (Latvia)

Blending with nature is one of our basic needs. We spend most...

Blending with nature is one of our basic needs. We spend most of the time inside artificial premises or transport which is something completely remote from our first home. It deprives us of energy and focus. They say that even 10 minutes in green surroundings improves our mood, relaxes and in general makes us feel better. So it is crucial for our body and mind to stay as close to nature as possible. Probably when we desire to escape to the mountains or a beach resort, it is the call of nature speaking... In case you chose a crowded hotel, it would be hard to seek tranquillity and union with the wild. Unless you go to glamping or an eco-hotel. Usually, its territory is isolated and gives you a lot of personal space and calm. We had this idea in mind while creating our pop-up houses. They make it possible to build a green community not only by installing separate lodges but also by designing bigger spaces by attaching houses. With our product launching a glamping is quick and always keeps an option to move your business whenever you want. #tourism #glamping #brettehaus

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19-08-2021 | Brette Haus (Latvia)

Don't make war, make tourism. Since Monday travellers can no...

Don't make war, make tourism. Since Monday travellers can no longer visit one of the cutest mobile hotels called Baltic Maldives in Kolka beach, Latvia. It offered sleep overs in cosy boats with panoramic windows. Country’s authorities claimed to remove the boats for being refurbished into accommodation although registered as sailing and fishing transport. According to the law, it is forbidden to place any construction in the dunes and beaches except beach amenities. With Covid-19 restrictions it is already a hard time for tourism and high registration taxes don't make the situation better. New regulations with reasonable fees for using municipal land could be a big step forward to support tourism businessmen around Europe as long as they respect the environment. It could be beneficial for both sides. As for now, registration taxes for installing mobile homes may cost half of the house price so that it is impossible to make it profitable. Put a ❤️ in case you support tiny housing and want it to become even more affordable. #tinyhousemovement #tourismstrong #brettehaus

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