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    18-01-2022 | Brette Haus (Latvia)

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    Freedom To Create! For the last 2 years, we received a lot of customized inquiries with beautiful ideas about the design inside of our cabin, requests for special furnishings, WCs, and kitchens. Considering the fact that most of the customers are looking for individual creative solutions in their cabin, we would like to present you Brette Haus BASIC — a simple and plain cabin built according to our traditions and standards but without insulation, electrical, or sanitation equipment, to provide inspiration and freedom to create a cabin as you see it. BASIC is a tiny cabin with a total space of 22 sq m. It has a ground floor as well as a mezzanine. The core material here is CLT and the footprint is 15 sq m. Affordability of equipment is one of the most important issues for the tourism and retails businesses. The BASIC cabin provides durability and sustainability to its owners. There is no engineering or sanitary equipment prefabricated in this type of house to grant freedom of expression. Only essential features come in a standard kit. EASY TO MOVE, READY TO EQUIP. This option is great for businesses because the price is several times less than in fully equipped XL solutions, giving the opportunity to optimize costs and to design something unique and special for its potential customers. BE CREATIVE! Look into BASIC details on our webpage and find the perfect solution to your private or business ideas! . . .

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    03-01-2022 | Brette Haus (Latvia)

    Brette Haus updated their website address.

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    Brette Haus: unfold and move in. Now you can bring your home with you to any place. As if it were a suitcase. Latvian startup Brette Haus launched in 2019. The mission is to create accessible, truly portable homes that unfold the freedom of movement while seamlessly blending in with the environment. Brette Haus is a group of like-minded people – we seek and unite people similar perception of the world in one strong team. They managed to reduce a prefab house to the size of a crane truck container, which makes it easy to transport and relocate whenever you want. You just need two people to set it and only three hours to install it.
    Unique technology
    Brette Haus patented hinge system allows to triple the surface of the house and grants up to 100 foldings. The company gives a 24-month-warranty for the mechanism. The structure doesn't require a permanent foundation. You can use simple bricks or more sustainable screw piles.
    Respect for nature
    The so-called foldable houses offer an eco-friendly construction concept. They are made of CLT panels which means natural ventilation, and optimal temperature balance. Their production is sustainable due to low CO2 emission, water consumption, and waste generation. All the materials are recyclable.
    Cosy inside and out
    The cabins are equipped with all the basic facilities: electricity, toilet, sink, shower and kitchen worktop. In case of frequent relocations or unfolding on a wild spot, you can always take advantage of a sola

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