Your personal portable Micro Sauna!
Made from high-quality materials, this sauna is designed for efficiency and comfort. The sleek fiber glass exterior is lightweight (approx. weight is 2000 to 2500 kg), durable and sustainable. The Box is insulated and suitable for cold winters. You will feel warm and comfortable even in temperature -30˚ C and below as the underfloor heating and ventilation with recuperation makes its own micro climate inside. Transportation and installation are easy with practically no groundwork required to make the foundation, with a flat surface and a few gravel tiles, almost any place can be made suitable. Natural wood paneling in the steam room creates an authentic sauna experience. Separate lounge area provides a comfortable space to relax and gather with your family and friends. The Box is also available in 12m² size if you prefer more space.
Each micro house is created as a unique product. The layout, design, outside print and other criteria can be adapted to your personal needs and preferences.
Features: 9m² or 12m² sizes - aluminum doors and windows - ventilation with recuperation - audio system - natural wood paneling - tempered glass sauna wall - shower and WC - 5-year warranty

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