The wooden mobile house Mobi 02 is our functionality specialist. In this model, we focused on solutions which will ensure comfort for the whole family and a larger group of friends. Mobi 02 is a mobile house with an entresol, but it's not the only advantage over other tiny houses! In addition to the superstructure with a place to sleep, we decided to introduce a very practical solution here. We have built in multi-functional lockers into the stairs leading to the entresol. They allow for convenient storage and ensure order in our tiny house. For better lighting of the entresol, we have also built in an additional projection in the roof, which allows for the insertion of windows.
In an eclectic manner, Mobi 02 combines several styles. Its construction was inspired by ecology, love of nature and botany. We dedicate this wooden mobile house to true travelers - always looking for new routes and restless souls, that is, everyone connected with nature. Its subtle design and equipment evoke memories of distant journeys, seaside freshness and peace and quiet in the depths of the forest. This modern mobile house with an entresol does not lack rustic elements, but the house is so thought out that a slight change of accessories will allow for an interesting and unique metamorphosis of its interior.

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