The Mobi 01 is the first model in our range that proved to be a hit. In the course of time, it has undergone minor metamorphoses, so that it now meets the most advanced needs of our customers. To this day, it is one of the most popular models of houses on wheels. For the whole year or for the summer? - the choice is yours! Mobi 01 will prove itself both as a companion for summer trips in the lap of nature and as a cosy winter oasis in a snowy landscape.

Thanks to its gabled roof and double doors, the Mobi 01 mobile home is characterised by an exceptionally light interior. Perfect lighting combined with natural materials in bright colours ensure that this small house enchants with its spaciousness, despite its small size. Based on the Scandinavian style, simplicity and uncluttered space, the Mobi 01 summer house on wheels fits perfectly into the current trend of minimalist and clean interiors. In harmony with Norway's harsh climate, the tiny house is characterised by a simple structure, light aesthetics and excellent functionality. Inside you will find a relatively large kitchen, conducive to shared meals, both during parties in Mobi 01 as a summer house, and warming meals during winter days.

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