This unique, compact Tiny House has a luxurious feel and has no sleeping loft so everything is at ground level. There is a beautiful sofa bed that you can turn into a bed in no time. The luxurious look makes this cottage fit into any environment.
The Tiny House is built on an RDW-approved trailer and can be moved over the (highway) with ease.
Tiny House Luna is fully equipped and very suitable for use as a permanent home, office or guesthouse. 
At the Tiny House Store, it is possible to choose different options. That way, we can make the cottage meet your requirements.
This cottage includes as standard

  • 2 Electric heaters (other options possible)
  • Fully equipped bathroom
  • Electric 50-litre boiler (gas geyser possible)
  • Flush toilet on water (dry toilet possible)
  • Complete kitchen with 2 burner induction and wooden worktop
  • Apothecary's cupboard with large wardrobe
  • Kitchen table with bench
  • Transparent dividing wall at sitting/sleeping area with storage space
  • Off-grid applications possible
Ask about the possibilities or contact us for a quote, we will be happy to help!

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