Portable and extremely versatile tiny house! Available in sizes 9m² or 12m². Fully constructed in our factory, it comes with prepared utility (electricity, water and sewer) connections and can be easily transported to the location of your choice. Practically no groundwork is required to make a foundation, with a flat surface and a few gravel tiles, almost any place can be made suitable. The fiber glass exterior is lightweight (approx. weight is 2000 to 2500 kg), durable and sustainable. The material and manufacturing techniques have proven themselves for years in yacht and shipbuilding. The exterior can be adapted to the surrounding environment or your personal taste by choosing a unique print. The Box can serve as a garden house, an extra living or office space, as well as year-round living space even in cold and harsh climates. The interior is custom designed to match your individual needs efficiently and comfortably. It can be equipped with kitchen, shower room, built-in furniture, as well as smart storage solutions – all with maintaining a modern and sleek design! Production and delivery take approximately 2 months.
Features: 9m² or 12m² sizes - aluminum doors and windows, electric heated floors, ventilation with recuperation, audio system, kitchen appliances, furniture, shower and WC, air conditioning, 5-year warranty.

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