This model has one very exclusive feature – the house can be easy separated from the trailer any time and it can be put on the trailer back if needed. So that with one trailer you can manipulate many houses of this model.  
In this tiny home you can also find built in our “Multifunctional space system” for maximum use of internal space. This allows the use of the main room as a living room, dining room, or second bedroom for two people, thanks to the foldable furniture inside.
In this tiny house, as a novelty, we offer one extra cabinet, located in the bedroom, which increases the storage space without interfering with the use of this small home.
Another novelty here is that we are building in a Schumann resonator inside. The Schumann resonator is a device that generates waves in the ELF spectrum, with a frequency ~7.83Hz. This is a frequency that has existed in nature since the earth was formed and is almost identical to the brain waves of all humans. In this way, the Schumann resonator reduces the negative influence of all the high-frequency waves that surround us in the modern world (Wi-Fi, 5G, etc.). This phenomenon was discovered in 1952 by the German physicist Otto Schumann and has a proven positive effect on every living being. Some call it poetically "The breath of the earth". 

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