Organic, puristic and good. The B-loom series is our heart's product. Organic, spherically curved shapes made of naturally sustainable materials meet modern architectural elements and technically sophisticated self-sufficient solutions. It combines living comfort with aesthetics and effective use of space with organic design language in equal measure. It is designed as a swap body for the widest possible range of trailers and reinterprets the term Tiny house in our own way.
Deliberately placed in the foreground, our specially developed wood-based lightweight construction (m)elements dominate constructive surfaces and, in addition to the low weight of the living space module, ensure a pleasant indoor climate in all seasons.
- from 20.000 € 
- up to 16 sqm
- ECO-friendly materials
- to live in, as an office or to rent out
- without equipment, full equipment on request
- Delivery ex works

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