The Foundation

The Tiny Living Foundation was founded in 2022. With our social projects, we give a helping hand to everybody that wants to live a more conscious and sustainable life to help and protect our environment. The foundation also advises on issues related to the Tiny Living Movement in the whole world. 

The Tiny Living Foundation is a non-profit organization which is committed to support and help private and public Tiny House, social and environmental projects. We support Tiny House communities, Tiny House builders, Tiny House villages as well as social organizations, which stand for a better life in the future. The Tiny Living Foundation is committed to small living and environment. For future living for children, young people and for the elderly. 

An outline of our goals:

  • Support social projects, and future living for young and old
  • Make the Tiny Living Movement bigger
  • Advise on issues related to the Tiny Living Movement
  • Protect builders and their customers in the Tiny House industry
  • Participate in global Tiny House Standards

For more details about the foundation, please refer to the outline of the policy plan.

Policy plan

Outline of the policy plan

In this policy plan, you can read how the objective of the foundation will be fulfilled. To this end, we will discuss the activities of the foundation, the method of fundraising and the management of the capital or the income. We will also discuss the good causes for which the income is spent and the way in which this is done.

Board members

Position and names

Jan Schuetze
1. Chairman and Treasurer

Miranda van Mensvoort
2. Chairwoman and Secretary

Paul Driessen
General Board member

Additional information

Remuneration policy

The members of the foundation’s board do not receive any remuneration for their work. However, the board can board may decide that they are entitled to reimbursement of the costs they incur.

Annual reports

We will publish our activities and the annual financial report here at the end of each year.

Helping hand

Projects of the Tiny Living Foundation

Tiny Living Alliance

Forming a network and protect Tiny House builders and their customers in the Tiny House industry

Tiny Living

Accommodating and supporting people who (are going to) live in a sustainable Tiny Houses

Tiny Living

Assist and connect communities to create a Tiny Living stay and experience

Tiny Living Environment

Support and help organizations who protect our environment

How we finance ourselves

Everyone can help to support the Tiny Living Foundation