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Every individual person and company who wants to contribute to making the tiny living movement more trustworthy and transparent can become a member. If you are a private person and would like to support the Tiny Living Alliance, please contact us via our contact form. If you have a company that manufactures or sells tiny houses, or you have a company that outfits tiny houses, or you offer a holiday in tiny houses then you are on the right place, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Tiny Living Alliance.

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What it means to be a member?

Being a business member of the Tiny Living Alliance has many advantages. On the website we present your company and place your logo, including a link to your website. Receive data from customers that use the Tiny Living Alliance to find the company that is going to build their Tiny House. With a membership, companies have the possibility to certify their products and company. Members also have the possibility to give workshops, lectures and presentations during our organized events and open days. It is even possible to extend your business in other countries through collaboration and knowledge exchange. All the members have the Trust Badge on their website.

Your benefits of being a member:

Criteria of membership

Companies with the Tiny Living Alliance Trust Badge should offer her customers at least the following 6 guarantees:

  1. Clear offer & guarantee
    Each product and / or service has a clear description that corresponds to the reality as well as a customers understandable guarantee policy.
  2. Clear ordering process
    The ordering process takes place via unambiguous steps. It is clear what customers are ordering before entering into a purchase obligation.
  3. Prices are clear
    Customers will be well-informed about any additional costs, such as shipping, payment, policy or administration costs. So no unpleasant costs afterwards.
  4. Careful handling of personal data
    The company has a maximum best efforts obligation to ensure safe transport, safe processing and safe storage of personal data. Moreover, customers can easily unsubscribe from commercial emails. 
  5. Easy to get in contact
    The name, address and phone number of the company are easy to find and displayed transparently. It is possible to contact the company quick and easy.
  6. Trust Badge
    The service of the Trust Badge has to be implemented on your company website, so that the customers can use our service Check Before Select. An introduction of how to implement the Trust Badge can be found here: Implement the Trust Badge

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Being a member of the Tiny Living Alliance is free of charge. Because we want to make our world more trustworthy and transparent. It’s easy and quick to apply for a membership via the link below.