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The Tiny Living Alliance declares that its member Iglucraft is currently in process of (re-) certification. This means that the Tiny Living Alliance is checking that the way of working and the conditions used for certification meet the criteria of the Tiny Living Alliance. The (re-) certification takes place annually.

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    Karen Akopjan:  I work here
    2022-02-11 — a month ago

    Arnold Rutto:  Nice saunas
    2020-08-30 — a year ago

    priit kallas:  When was the last time you took time... for yourself? Time... to think, to speak your mind, to dream, to enjoy or just to be? Always thinking about the well-being of others, aren ́t you? About your children, about making wise decisions, the future, the past, the work, the world? This is all important. But for your plans to come true, You are the most important. ‘
    2019-11-05 — 2 years ago


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    Interesting news

    Unique Staycation: spend the night at Nuuksio Reindeer Park

    09-05-2022 | Iglucraft (Estonia)

    Unique Staycation: spend the night at Nuuksio Reindeer Park

    Unique staycation in Finland for your bucket list! Sea & Mountain Adventures Oy is a dream come true. An escape surrounded by nature and actual living reindeers! Wake up to enjoy your morning cup of coffee while feeding a cute reindeer straight from your bed - sounds make-believe right? Read more about the magical hideaway: Spend the night at Nuuksio Reindeer Park! This unique accommodation to meet reindeer from Helsinki area - a unique and romantic experience!

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    IGLU Hut Milzkalne - Huts for Rent in Smārde municipality,...

    06-05-2022 | Iglucraft (Estonia)

    IGLU Hut Milzkalne - Huts for Rent in Smārde municipality,...

    Iglucraft prefabs excel in AirBnB offbeat category! Iglu hut Milzkalne in Latvia is a place where stunning nature meets modern luxury. People no longer want a generic one-size-fits-all vacation. They look for a place where to experience the untamed. Not to simply witness nature, but live in it. This is a place for that. With Iglucraft prefabs being noticed is easy, as the clever design and handicraft stands out from a far. Entire home/apt in Smārdes pagasts, Engures novads, Latvia. Iglu hut Milzkalne is likely to satisfy any urban people needs seeking a little recreation in nature—without foregoing any of life luxuries. Iglu ...

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    Iglucraft is an Estonian-based company, that manufactures handcrafted saunas and cabins from natural materials. We aim to offer our customers a place where they can be restored. To help you to a more natural way of being than the everyday life in perfectly linear cityscapes. Connected with nature and yourself, a place to take time for YOU. The shape of Iglucraft is unique, its structures incorporating roundness and reflecting nature's true harmony. Iglucraft cabins and saunas have been hundreds of years in the making, combining centuries-old shingling technique with modern knowledge. Our cabins are suitable for various purposes whether it will be a glamping pod, summer house, garden house, ski cabin, or a massage salon. All of our products withstand different climates as we have clients in the warmest parts of the world like Hawaii, Ibiza, Australia to cold and icy places like Norway, Iceland, and Finland. All Iglucraft products are made on order and exit the factory in one piece, ready to use. They can be lifted with a forklift and moved to position or can be craned directly into place. If special delivery solutions are needed we can work with you to solve these. Manuals, transport assistance, installation guidance, and legal procedures are provided as part of the service.

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    70303 Viljandi




    English, Estonian, Russian


    10.000,00 EUR +

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