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The Tiny Living Alliance declares that its member Inboxlifestyle is currently in process of (re-) certification. This means that the Tiny Living Alliance is checking that the way of working and the conditions used for certification meet the criteria of the Tiny Living Alliance. The (re-) certification takes place annually.


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This rating shows how satisfied the customers are with Inboxlifestyle. In case of a customer complaint, that couldn’t be solved, the Inboxlifestyle will lose one Tiny Living Alliance Star for 6 months.

About Inboxlifestyle

Inboxlifestyle idea was born in 2015 thinking of the small, but very functional and stylish space. The idea was to give customers more freedom and independence maintaining a high level of comfort. Fiberglass was not the first material that pop up in my mind. It was even designed from wood at the beginning, changed it forms and dimensions tens of times. I wanted to create something that would stand out with facade and shape, would be super light, very easy and economically to maintain for many years. It was a road to go together with professionals until we confirm fiber glass as the best solution and building material for our boxes. Not without a reason it is used in yacht building for decades, as it’s so light, strong and durable. It is very exciting to create and bring in new shapes in architecture, but it’s not a story only about a look. I wanted to make a product that helps society and solves problems to pottential clients. I wanted it to be sustainable, easy movable, modern and with possibility to constantly improve it with latest technologies. I’m very happy that people appreciate the product and its features. I'm elated when somebody gets closer to nature with it, fills their dream or improves competitiveness for their business. It makes my life more valuable as well.
Raimonds Kreiss   /author of the design and idea/

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