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About Vagabond Haven

We want to create a freer form of living that is economically and environmentally more sustainable. Vagabond Haven is motivated by a deep love for nature, freedom and adventure – what we call the "vagabond spirit". We strive to build Scandinavia's most economical mobile houses. Spend your time and money on other fun things instead. All our houses are designed by architects and built using only the best available environmentally friendly materials. Together with you, we create a home that suits your wishes, needs and your budget – from unfurnished houses to fully equipped off-grid solutions. Would you like to move your house on a platform, a trailer or a raft? You choose. We also believe in community and collaboration. That is why we work together with three fantastic partners who share our values and our vision: VMS Timber, TimberArt and Aurora Company. Together we build houses in three different sizes and prices classes ranging from 10 – 40 sqm with different advantages in regards to mobility, adaptability, and cost.

News from Vagabond Haven

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Uppsalabon sells home office on wheels: "New concept"...

Last week the local newspaper Upsala Nya Tidning paid us a visit to talk about mobile offices and tiny houses. It’s nice to see that media is showing more and more interest. Read the article below (behind a paywall). #vagabondhaven #tinyhousemovement #tinyhousedesign #tinyhouseliving #tinyhouses #tinyhousenation #tinyhouseonwheels #tinyliving #tinyhousebuilder #moderntinyliving #architecture #tinyhomes #tinyhomeonwheels #modernliving #sustainability #tinyhouse #tinyhome Hemarbete har ökat kraftigt under pandemin. Uppsalaföretaget Vagabond Haven, som tillverkar mobila kontor på hjul, tror att trenden fortsätter även framöver.

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A short glimpse of the beautiful interior of our model Sofia....

A short glimpse of the beautiful interior of our model Sofia. Visit for more photos and information.

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Norway is on fire when it comes to highlighting the tiny house...

Norway is on fire when it comes to highlighting the tiny house movement – really nice to see! Read the article about Benjamin & Agnes and their life in their tiny house as well as some bureaucracy that comes with it initially.. It’s behind a paywall but it only cost 1 NOK to unlock it.

#vagabondhaven #tinyhousemovement #tinyhousedesign #tinyhouseliving #tinyhouses #tinyhousena-tion #tinyhouseonwheels #tinyliving #tinyhousebuilder #moderntinyliving #architecture #tinyhomes #ti-nyhomeonwheels #modernliving #sustainability #tinyhouse #tinyhome

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Photos from Vagabond Haven's post...

Special offer: right now we have a limited number of ready-made Sunshine & Porto models in stock. Order before the 3rd of September and get your favourite model delivered already by October. Visit for more information. #specialoffer #vagabondhaven #tinyhousemovement #tinyhousedesign #tinyhouseliving #tinyhouses #tinyhousenation #tinyhouseonwheels #tinyliving #tinyhousebuilder #moderntinyliving #architecture #tinyhomes #tinyhomeonwheels #modernliving #sustainability #tinyhouse #tinyhome

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Manuel from Uppsala is building a mini house: "Interest is growing"...

We are on the local news today and our CEO Manuel talks and shows off his beautiful tiny house in which he lives. He also mentions that the interest in tiny houses has been rising as of lately. Check it out here (only in Swedish) #vagabondhaven #svtuppsala, #tinyhousemovement #tinyhousedesign #tinyhouseliving #tinyhouses #tinyhousenation #tinyhouseonwheels #tinyliving #tinyhousebuilder #moderntinyliving #architecture #tinyhomes #tinyhomeonwheels #modernliving #sustainability #tinyhouse #tinyhome Från tre till femtio hus om året. Under de senaste åren har minihus blivit allt mer populärt – inte minst under pandemin. – Man kan ta med sig sitt hus till vilken plats som helst och den känslan är fantastisk, säger Manuel Kohout, vd för Vagabond Haven.

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