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Recertification: 2022-03-11
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The Tiny Living Alliance declares that its member may use the Tiny Living Alliance Certificate. This means that Eden B.V. is certified as a company of the Tiny House industry. The way of working and the conditions used for the certification are in accordance with the criteria of the Tiny Living Alliance. The (re-)certification takes place annually.

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    Bas Botman:  Just company. Wall cladding was delivered quickly and they were very willing to think along with me.
    2021-11-01 — 2 months ago

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    Techniclic® is the innovation when it comes to the installation of wall cladding. With the ingenious clip system, wall cladding can be mounted easily and quickly, both horizontally and vertically, in different plank widths and various joint widths. For this project, they chose the wood species Jaya. Jaya is a commonly used wood species in the carpentry industry. This is mainly due to its good properties in combination with its availability. We would like to invite you to our unique outdoor showroom for more information and inspiration.

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    An EdenShelter is often delivered completely to the customer's specifications with kitchen, bathroom, closet walls and other convenient, smart storage options. This way, the space is optimally utilized and each component is done in the same style and material.

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    The world is our playground and the living environment in which we are guests. Nature offers us materials with which we can enrich that environment, give it colour and make us feel at home. Our company is called Eden, the place where the world began, where beautiful nature surrounded us and formed the cradle for the wonderful nature that is rich on earth. The earth and its nature give us beautiful materials that people process into fantastic products from which a wonderful environment is created. A pleasure garden, who would not want to live there. We try to create a customized 'Eden' in today's society. We transform raw basic materials into beautifully finished end products. Eden aims to serve (garden) architects, gardeners, contractors and other related parties with special, natural products, bio-based, that form a perfect element in the design of a building or outdoor environment. The underlying idea is to keep our ecological 'footprint' on the world as small as possible. We operate with an eye for beauty and respect for our environment. Specifically, we work with natural materials like wood and sustainable materials like steel and recyclable plastic. Eden's mission is to introduce (garden) architects, gardeners, contractors and other interested parties to natural and/or sustainable materials that enrich the outdoor environment, part of this mission is to reduce the ecological footprint of our products.

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