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The Tiny Living Alliance declares that its member Tiny House Pro Ltd is currently in process of (re-) certification. This means that the Tiny Living Alliance is checking that the way of working and the conditions used for certification meet the criteria of the Tiny Living Alliance. The (re-) certification takes place annually.

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      Tiny House Pro was founded in 2022 by two friends with a collective desire to make a great impression in people's lives. We’re passionate about a few things. We believe life is for living and enjoying. It’s about relationships and building a lifestyle that has time for the little things. Growing gardens, delicious, wholesome meals cooked at home, laughter around the table, tinkering on what you love, together. We want to live and promote the less-stressed life where we can be refreshed to be productive and give our best to the world and those around us. We want to live sustainably, generously and creatively, maximising resources and keeping it simple.

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      Tiny House Pro Ltd

      Cuffley Place, Soper Road
      EN64RY London
      United Kingdom



      Foundation & Trailer



      from 60.000,00 €

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