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Recertification: 2024-03-23
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The Tiny Living Alliance declares that its member may use the Tiny Living Alliance Certificate. This means that Snake River Tiny Homes is certified as a company of the Tiny House industry. The way of working and the conditions used for the certification are in accordance with the criteria of the Tiny Living Alliance. The (re-)certification takes place annually.

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      Customer reviews

      Ryan Kamachi:  Mr. Talbot is such an amazing individual! The way someone treats others is a testament to who they are and how they run their business. The homes they offer are beautifully crafted and quality. This is a business where a handshake means something and their word matters.Thanks for being a great addition to the Upper Snake River community!
      2023-03-08 — a week ago

      Erica Mouser:  These tiny homes are so beautiful. The detail and design of the space is incredible. I liked the variety each home has as to offer. Nice to see this company in Eastern Idaho for families looking for a new tiny home.
      2023-01-05 — 2 months ago

      George Brooks:  Getting close to retirement...we learned that Debbie and Porter were with the Snake River Tiny Homes and we couldn't resist looking. The different models are great and the finishes and trims let you personalize them to what works best for you. We have known Debbie and Porter for some years now and have found them to be some of the best people there are. You can count on what ever they tell you being spot on! As we get closer, it's going to be difficult making a decision between these great models.
      2022-10-30 — 4 months ago


      Currently we have no Tiny House listed in our Tiny House catalogue of Snake River Tiny Homes. You can also view all Tiny Houses from trusted Tiny House companies.

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