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      Customer reviews

      Petr Čermák:  Our whole story dates back a full 10 years, when we started looking for a use for a family plot in a mountain village. Over time, the idea crystallized from this to build a small house on the plot, which for us will be an anchor to our family history, a place in beautiful nature for spending free time, which we may also partially rent out. We chose the Blokki company for the implementation of our plan, because we really liked the simple but beautiful design style of their container houses, which, in combination with the wooden paneling and gable roof, fits well into the character of the mountain village. Now that we're done, I can confidently say that it was a good choice! As we lived abroad, Blokki also represented us in the process of obtaining a building permit. During the preparation, we appreciated the experience and recommendations of the Blokki team, and the implementation itself took place very quickly, where we had the entire house, including the roof, built on the land in two and a half months after signing the contract. The Blokki workers were very reliable and flexible even during the actual construction of the house on the plot, when, for example, there was no problem in completing some elements that we requested additionally. Thanks to the approaches of the Blokki team, we were always able to successfully resolve small deficiencies that arose during our construction.
      2024-03-26 — in the last week

      Stania Novakova:  I wanted to make myself happy. Leave the city for the countryside and set up a house. A small house that will be able to integrate into a smaller village, will be modern, but will not disturb its surroundings, at most with its sobriety. Not only did the Blokki house succeed, it also exceeded my expectations. The Blokki house is not only unique and beautiful in its style, it also makes a very confident impression! Although it is small, it feels bigger. Even though it is modest, it attracts the eyes not only of passers-by, but also of the Bavarian residents, who are really happy about their new wood-clad neighbor. It remains an absolute surprise to me how quickly my Blokki came into being. Only 3 months passed from the first design to the finished house. I am also excited and grateful to the Blokki team for developing the interior exactly according to my ideas. Thanks to the rich experience of the Blokki team and their willingness to go into new technologies (e.g. in the production of floor squeegees), I now enjoy furnishing and decorating the house. I am happy to share my experience and wish the whole team further successful implementations! With pleasure S. Nováková
      2024-01-18 — 2 months ago

      Petra Antošová:  For a long time, we searched for the optimal solution for our demanding, sloping plot of land. We've always liked the simple, minimalist style and the re-use of shipping containers really intrigued us. Dealing with Blokki was very pleasant from the beginning: especially in the preparation and planning phase. They supplied us with a turnkey construction, helped us with the construction permit and provided valuable advice in the preparation of the land. The construction of 2blokki home P was completed, with everything, in 4 months: roughly half of the work (floor) on our property. I appreciate helpful and quick dealings, flexibility (can deal with unusual situations and look for solutions) and professionalism. A house in standard design is a dream come true for us! I would only recommend improving the communication with the customer in the finalization phase of the house on the land: it was sometimes a bit rough there, but there was never a lack of helpfulness and willingness to come to an agreement. We are very satisfied, thank you and recommend.
      2022-10-03 — a year ago


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      Let's find out about us! We are a purely Czech company has been developing its own system for building quality houses with an interesting design based on upcycling of shipping containers named Blokki since 2017. We have more than 100 successful implementations. The whole process of production is located on a site in the Czech Republic, so it allows us to meet almost all customizing when needed. Blokki buildings can be equipped with various accessories on request, such as electric underfloor heating (carbon foil heating system), wood stove, air-to-air heat pump, el. security, outdoor blinds, hybrid photovoltaic system or outdoor terrace, etc. The technical highlight is very good quality insultation suitable for year-round living! Our know-how allows to our houses keep a strict energy class B standard, what makes them low-energy houses and a good choice for residential houses. Great news! We have started to export Blokki houses to Germany! To get a real experience from cozy houses you are very welcome to visit our show house 2.5blokki Home placed near by Nuremberg or visit us in the Czech Republic.

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