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The Tiny Living Alliance declares that its member Greencube OÜ is currently in process of (re-) certification. This means that the Tiny Living Alliance is checking that the way of working and the conditions used for certification meet the criteria of the Tiny Living Alliance. The (re-) certification takes place annually.

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    Benjamin Kremer:  We bought the 'mountain' range and customised it to cater for 2 kids & 2 adults for holidays all year round. Really good build quality and value for money. Water, electricity and stove connections all completed extremely well. A great and cosy tinyhome! Fully reccomend!
    2022-05-02 — a month ago

    Kai Iso-Ahola:  Convincing expertise
    2021-08-04 — 11 months ago

    Tarmo Pihlak:  Really like
    2021-05-03 — a year ago


    Currently we have no Tiny House listed in our Tiny House catalogue of Greencube OÜ. You can also view all Tiny Houses from trusted Tiny House companies.

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    Estonia's success story! TV promo - Puumarket (27.08.2022)

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    Insurance to protect you, your home and your family |

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    Greencube OÜ is situated on the west side of Estonia and it's goal is to offer different high-quality building solutions to people, who need a summer house to their yard or a summer house, sauna or new modern home to their countryside. The house will be delivered to you in one piece and mounting takes just a couple of hours! Our offered buildings are designed according to all building codes and building requirements of The Republic of Estonian. We are building our product range in a dry and warm building that has a roof in order to ensure the best result in building industry with a dry and consistent quality. We build with high-quality material to ensure that the client gets the best result. Every building that is delivered out of the factory will have a signature of supervisor as a guarantee! We use lots of native material in our production in order to vivify local business and to look like Estonian company as much as possible. Besides main selection, we can deliver special solutions according to clients specific needs. By collaborating with architect, we can surely find solution that matches your needs. Greencube insulates buildings primary with heatproof Paroc Extra rock wool in order to ensure best warm and sound isolation. If necessary, we can also change thermal isolation according to the clients needs. The building will be built on strength graded laminated beams so that the building will stay rigid for decades. The carcass of building will be built from strength-graded scantling according to the requirements of EU.

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