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The Tiny Living Alliance declares that its member may use the Tiny Living Alliance Certificate. This means that B qubig UG is certified as a company of the Tiny House industry. The way of working and the conditions used for the certification are in accordance with the criteria of the Tiny Living Alliance. The (re-)certification takes place annually.

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      We have set ourselves the goal of developing a lightweight panel that combines the structural stability and lightness of modern composite materials with the sustainability of traditional natural building materials. Wood and wood fibre materials offer an incredibly broad spectrum and are the materials of choice for us. Our specially developed lightweight (m)elements are therefore largely made of naturally grown raw materials, which enables simple, environmentally friendly recycling. More than 100 years ago, timber construction companies such as Christoph & Unmack in Niesky showed that buildings made of standardised wall elements can be combined to create a wide variety of buildings by skilfully joining and combining them. Following this insight, living and office containers, tiny houses, shelters, event equipment and many other room modules can be realised. Thanks to the lightness of our innovative lightweight (m)elements, we enable the realisation of ultra-light living space modules that can generally be transported with a car trailer. The possibility to combine several modules with each other allows the realisation of complete living units. Thanks to integral lightweight construction in monocoque architecture, we are not bound to any substructure or chassis and can completely dispense with stiffening walls and fixtures, so that there are no limits to the interior design. This satisfies both the desire for mobility and sustainability with a maximum of individuality. A concept not previously available on the market.

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