Important Considerations

Building a tiny home is one of the most exciting new ways to create housing. Not only is it a fraction of the cost of constructing a full-sized property, but you also get the chance to enjoy the fun of creativity this type of project gives you.

These are important things to think over before you start building your tiny home, and why it’s a good idea to take your time with this.

What’s the Purpose of this Home?

What’s your main goal with your tiny home? Do you want to build it so you can live in it, or are you more interested in creating a property you can sell or rent out? Although there’s no wrong answer to this, it should inform how much of an investment you’re willing to make on it. There’s a lot of labor, time, and supplies that go into tiny homes, and if you’re planning on instantly selling it, it’s vital that you’re prepared for all of that. 

What Siding Works Best for a Tiny home?

Siding is a large decision for tiny homes. There are a few different types of siding, with styles depending mostly on the area and the style of the home. Like any full-sized property, a lot of this will depend on personal taste, and the siding will more than likely need to be replaced every twenty to thirty years. The siding you pick will also depend on whether you want your home to be high-way safe or not. 

Will You Want it to Be Mobile?

Some tiny homes are built to move around. This allows the owner to take their property with them wherever they go and ensures you don’t have to buy a new home every time you decide to move out of state. 

If you’re planning on making your home mobile, you’ll need to make sure that every material on the outside is as secure as possible and that the larger furniture pieces on the interior of the home aren’t at risk of rolling around and damaging the property when it’s moving. 

How Much Land Do You Have?

If you’re planning on making this a stationary home, how much land does it need to work? Different cities and communities have different laws about how large a lot needs to be for a house to sit on it. Is the land you have already set up to handle electricity and water, or is it not connected to anything yet? Can this lot handle the amount of construction you’ll have to do in order to build this property? Don’t let yourself buy land that won’t work for your needs.

Consider how you can make this land feel more welcoming around the tiny home by adding details like pavers for landscaping, so it feels more like a full-fledged property.

How Much Space Will You Need?

On the interior of the home: how much space is going to be needed? Is it just a one-person home, or do you have a partner and possibly children that will share the home with you? It’s a good idea that everyone has a space of their own and that you don’t pack in your kids like sardines: so be realistic about how much room you have. If this is a short-term thing or a home for vacation-only, it’s not as large a deal, but for long-term living, you should want your family to be comfortable.

Should You Add Touches of Luxury?

Luxury isn’t just for giant mansions. Tiny homes can use touches of luxury to make everything more comfortable for all that are involved. This could mean adding a really nice shower to make up for the lack of a bathtub or adding radiant heat flooring to give your home as comfortable as possible at all times. These are less necessary additions, but they can be nice.

What Are the Local Laws About Properties?

Different cities and municipalities have different laws about what you can and can’t do on a piece of land. Check these local laws and make sure you’re not breaking any rules or lining yourself up for getting fined by building on your property. This is one of the most important things to remember when building on any land.

What Roof Would Work Best for Your Property?

Your property is going to need a good roof! Look into the styles you like and what options will be most sturdy for your property. A wood shake roof can look awesome on a tiny house and give it the opportunity to be as safe as possible from the elements. This type of roof can last around fifty years and will be a great selling point for the house.

Tiny Homes Can Be an Awesome Investment

Tiny homes are one of the best modern investments in housing. There are countless options on how to build them, how they can look, and what they can offer: make sure to plan thoroughly before you build yours!

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