The best way to see how a company is doing

Why Certificates?

Trust, quality and security

Not every company that belongs to the tiny living industry, is the same. The certificates help factories to distinguish themselves between all the tiny living companies on the market. This makes it transparent for customers. Certificates can be obtain by all members from the alliance. When a factory applies for a certificate, an inspection takes place. A specialist determines whether the company meets all the requirements for the certificate. The certificates stand for quality and trust and are valid for one year.

Trust, quality and security certificates for tiny living industry

How can I check the validation?

Validation of certificates

Each certificate has the same layout. You can recognize them by our logo, the wave and the coloured logo of the certificate. On each certificate is written the type of certificate, the company name, certificate number and date of issue. You can check the certificate number on the Check Before Select page. Every company that is a member of the Tiny Living Alliance has a membership details page. On this page you can find their cerificates and if you click on them you see the validation and the criteria we use for certificates.


Certificates for companies

With a company certificate you can see how a company is doing on the market. This can be environment friendly, service and good working atmosphere. With this certificate you know the company is following our criteria. Companies can only apply for certificates when they have been a valid member of the alliance for one year. They have performed one or more criteria of the certificates and are accessible for a review. 


Product certificates

With a product certificate companies can certify their products. This can be a tiny house, but also a part of it, like a self-designed socket or a material. With these certificates you know you are buying a reliable product. Product certificates will be available soon.

Complaint about a COMPANY?

We are here to help you in any case of conflict with a company. Your complaint is important, therefore we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to submit it to us.

Report abuse of a Trust badge

Have you seen a company with using the Tiny Living Alliance name incorrectly or when they’re not a trustful company? For example, when you find a Trust Badge that you can’t check (click on) or if you come across an invalid membership certificate.

CHECK Company AND Certificate

Check Before Select

Do you want to know if a Tiny House company is trustworthy and transparent or the certificate is valid? Just fill out the form below, and we will check the status, and send you information. In case we can’t find the company or certificate in our system, we will get in contact with them. Because we want to be sure you’re dealing with a trustworthy and transparent Tiny House company!